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Obama Quot Choice Of Xavier Becerra Revives 2001 Clemency Case

President-elect Barack Obama offer to Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Los Angeles) next representative of the United States makes it the second-level Cabinet candidates have been involved in President Clinton controversial 2001 commutation of a Los Angeles cocaine dealer imprisonment..
8.12.08 07:37

Jade Goody

JADE Goody said she up with a story about her to make cancer seem less worrisome for her two young sons. The care for 27 years not said t want her concern for children - Bobby and Freddie - thus formed a story comfort for young people..
8.12.08 07:37

Local Sports Briefs

In person registration is Dec. Alameda Little League: Registration is available online address all for boys and girls aged 5-12, 30 April 2009. 9 starting at 6pm at the Italian American Hall (2712 Encinal Ave). Ron Matthews call 510-769-6031 for more information..
8.12.08 07:38

Toby Keith Donates 500 000 To Oklahoma Children Quot Hospital

Toby Keith donated $ 500. 000 children at a Hospital at OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City to update an oncology division. The restoration will include a games room, a family resource room, a room for infusion treatments and a hospice area. Together with some young patients, Keith also donned a hardhat and swung a sledgehammer to break down a wall to symbolize the imminent restructuring. The proceeds were raised by allied House, the charity has helped to launch in memory of his friend daughter, who died of kidney cancer.
8.12.08 07:38

New Dvd Explores Classic Day The Earth Stood Still

Wounds that man space. The first big-budget, sci-fi message Flick leaving the Hollywood, Day The Earth Stood Stillpresented the benevolent alien Klaatu, whose peaceful openings are wrongly interpreted as an attack by a paranoid, post-World War. The world is about to make the difficult road that Klaatu ship is equipped with 8 feet of damage shine ass-called Gort. I. Com), a more anxious-G. As shown in a clip from DVD bonus features (presented solely for Wired. To promote the upcoming remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still, the original production is now available as a new DVD release that features an extensive look back at the classic 50s.
8.12.08 07:38


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